WooYun had escaped from prison in 220000 up to account theft

The sole purpose of earlier years, a lot of iPhone jailbreak is to install third-party input method, iOS is now fully open API interface, the ime jailbreak users also gradually reduced. But there are still many players to install third-party plug-in is reluctant to part with prison break.

WooYun.org has revealed that white hat based on the analysis of a red envelope plugins found that Chinese some iOS App/plug-in development team up accounts in silently steal users from prison and text passwords, and record on the remote server.


It is reported that more than 220000 up to the information such as password were stolen from me many built-in back door iOS plugin (jailbreak iPhone real espionage case). Verified, these stolen up account can login, all kinds of information such as email, photo all can leak.

According to speculation, developers stealing them up account there may be three main purpose: 1, brush AppStore list; 2, privacy to steal; 3, malicious lock machine extortion.

At present, the vulnerability has been passed on to third parties (many countries Internet emergency center), is a cooperative organization processing.
Prison break is risky, plug-ins need to be careful.

Moto X Play publish landed mid-market

If you have previously Moto X (X Pro) and seize the high-end Motorola Moto G high-end/entry-level market of two “sword”, but after the mid-market, Motorola has none of a good public-oriented transformation products. In this conference, Moto X Play arises at the historic moment, become Motorola “weapons” in the future to move into the mid-market.

Moto X Play USES removable back cover design, also supports Moto Maker custom services.

Specific configuration, Moto X Play with 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 615 processor, a 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution display, 21 million pixel rear camera, front 5 million pixel camera, a RAM for 2 GB, two versions are divided into 16 GB and 32 GB, 128 GB microSD card extension, battery capacity is 3630 mah, support the rapid charging technology, qualcomm network support 4 g LTE, run Android 5.1.1 operating system.

Moto X Play is going to be launched in August, making prices higher than other flagship cheaper $300 to $400, or about $200 – $300 range.

Samsung Note 5 protection shell photos

Down within a period of time, Samsung has issued its Note series, no accident will still be released over the same period of the iPhone in September. Whether official outflow intentionally or net friend dig that recent news about the time the phone is more and more intensive, recently there is a user to expose the Note 5 samples of the figure, as well as the following photos.

屏幕快照 2015-07-06 上午9

First of all, to be sure, back camera hole is bigger because of heart rate monitoring module. Four at the bottom of the hole is somewhat interesting, in addition to the USB interface and S – Pen the export of the is Note 5 to the speaker at the bottom of the hole to do?

From the protective shell of Samsung Note 5 screen should be flat, but not Samsung S6 as surface side of the screen Edge. But Samsung have also prepared a 5.5 -inch Samsung S6 Edge Note, just don’t know whether the phone is equipped with SPen.

Apple patent application for the new design

According to Business Insider reports, apple has applied for a new patent, describes a new type of composite metal material, the material with the look and feel of anodic alumina almost consistent, but it has the capacity to signal through. That is to say, the next iPhone will use all metal material, but the phone signal will not diminish.

Also mentioned in the patent description apple laptop touchpad, which means that future MacBook may also use the touch screen, metal rather than the current capacity of glass, and almost totally dependent on wireless mode connection.

Because the patent just appeared last week in the United States Patent Office website, it shows that the new iPhone this year to a large extent will still use the traditional antenna frame design, perfect the back of the iPhone will take time.

Like the company to submit an application for a patent for the many, if we cannot know on the basis of the technology will be used in the present and the future of any products.

HTC flagship will adopt the new design

HTC today’s high-end models design has been in place for three years, starting from HTC M7 known by consumers, to breath this year will launch as many as six machine looks almost really surprising. With the arrival of HTC M9 and HTC M9 + and E9 of, HTC static design of the user’s heart broke, but then HTC announced change.

Recently, HTC CEO Cher at the shareholders meeting to apologize, said the new flagship, codenamed “hero”, will be released in October this year. Will adopt a new design style, we will listen to the views of users, bringing a better design.

Charm Blue Note went on sale in India

Meizu officially on sale in India charm Blue Note. Meizu The choice is open marketing platform, the first listing of 4000 three hours sold. Charm Blue Note in India is priced at 11,999 rupees.

Charm Blue note prices affordable enough, the configuration is sufficient to meet the daily use. The machine uses 5.5 inches 1080P screen, MediaTek MT6752 eight-core chip clocked at 1.7GHz. 2GB of memory to run, the camera aspects of the configuration of the pre-5000000 +1300 megapixel rear camera, equipped with 3140 milliamperes large capacity battery.

After computing the foreign media, four hours Meizu sales reached 75 million dollars, as the next sale time is uncertain.

WP new machine Lumia 735 US sites appeared renderings

Prior to the Verizon custom Lumia 735 appeared in the United States FCC, it has announced the Lumia 735 US official renderings on Twitter, then now is the official figure, and certainly would not have changed.

Lumia 735 on Twitter for the lake blue shell, with the text is its music phone spectrum analysis.

微软“旧瓶装新酒” Lumia 735渲染图曝光

Lumia 735 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, with 1G memory to run and 8G body storage, support SD card expansion, the main camera of f / 1.9 large aperture of 6.7 million pixel Carl Zeiss certified lens, 4.7 inches 720P resolution rate AMOLED screen, wireless charging.

Expected in the United States listed Lumia 735 will run Windows 8.1 GDR2 system.

Samsung Galaxy S6 become the fastest-selling flagship Samsung China

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge on the 17th of this month officially started selling in China, from aspects of total generation came the news that the most recent supplier S6 and S6 edge will exhibit a shortage of state, will remain a part of the color version of the machine hard to find. Interim pre-orders for more than 20 million worldwide will be pushed to the current position S6 sales king, and the recent news from the “Korea Times” is displayed, update the sales of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge estimated that its sales during the year The more than 70 million.

From China’s first sales situation, April 17, Samsung started selling a number of stores in the day stock sold out within one hour from the first sale to now less than a week’s time, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge became all S series and Note series phones fastest selling mobile phones, and have double curved Galaxy S6 edge has become the focus of high-end consumer concern, including “Tyrant gold” version especially tight.

Samsung believes that popular reason Galaxy S6 & S6 edge lies in the lack of the same market heavyweights competing products, Samsung also cited the views of interested agencies, said nearly half of the year simply impossible to catch S6 powerful smartphone.

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge uses metal and glass materials to build, Galaxy S6 edge is equipped with the world’s first double curve side of screen products, Samsung believes that these two products are the most beautiful phone ever Samsung.

Currently, samsung GalaxyS6 & S6 edge of qualified lake blue and green pine pearl is not listed, more large capacity storage version will be listed in succession, samsung thinks, S6 & S6 edge heat levels will last for months, may plan to adjust production.

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Apple iOS 8.3 beta 4 release to the public beta users

Apple on Tuesday released the latest user-oriented beta test version of iOS 8.3 operating system, developers can also be downloaded wirelessly. This beta users is second beta iOS 8.3 update for developers is the fourth.

The Apple released iOS 8.3 beta build number 4 is 12F5061, developers can complete the update via OTA. The information obtained from the current point of view, the new changes brought about by the new test version is mainly reflected in the following aspects. First of all, iCloud photo gallery of the beta tag is removed; Secondly, Apple will use the new information “filtering information” feature renamed to “unknown sender”, this feature can be collected from the bottom of iMessage address, but not user address book information. SMS messages from unknown contacts are still contains iMessages information from friends.

However, some disappointing is that once appeared CarPlay setup menu has disappeared in iOS 8.3 beta 4, but it is expected to re-appear in the final version of the system soon. In addition, in the past rumors that Apple plans to bring new iTunes Store purchase policy, users can enter the Apple ID password will not need to download the free App in iOS 8.3 or music, but this feature has not yet appeared in the recently released iOS 8.3 beta 4 in.

Despite the new changes in iOS 8.3 beta 4 brings some disappointing, but have had some exposure information, is expected Apple iOS 8.3 operating system, the final version will bring more emoticons, new Siri language and voice improvement, by Siri hands-free calling features and fixes many previous Bug.

Although not immediately clear when the final version will be available, but according to foreign media BGR reported earlier, iOS 8.3 final release time may need to wait until April of this year.

The official version of the release time may need to wait until April of this year. In addition, Apple is also rumored to develop iOS 8.4 system version, code-named “Copper”, and alleged that Apple’s new release may contain streaming music service.